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Denver Ski Accident Attorney
Denver Ski Accident Attorney
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Denver Ski Accident Attorney

Ski Accidents in Colorado

Colorado is a land of winter enchantment, with some of the best skiing in the world. This makes the state a popular winter destination for tourists, but it also means that Colorado sees a large number of skiing accidents each and every year. The sport involves a certain amount of risk, so it is important to know the dangers and what your rights as a skier are in the event of an accident.

Who is Liable in a Skiing Accident?

To help avoid endless litigation, Colorado ski resorts are protected from most accidents at their resorts since injuries and deaths occur regularly. Despite this protection, though, Colorado skiers should know their rights as injuries are not always their fault.

Other People on the Mountain

According to Colorado law, the uphill skier is responsible for avoiding others downslope. If another skier or snowboarder is behaving recklessly and causes you personal injury, you can hold them accountable for their actions.

The Lifts and Machinery

Ski lifts and other mountain machinery make it possible to have a fantastic experience on the mountain. Unfortunately, these same pieces of equipment can become incredibly dangerous if not properly maintained and operated. If the resort or maintenance company contributes to an injury, you can hold them liable.

The Ski Resorts Themselves

Since Colorado law protects ski resorts as much as possible, it’s difficult to hold them accountable when they fail to maintain the slopes and surrounding areas properly. This imbalance is why skiers think they have no legal recourse when they are injured; however, with the help of an experienced lawyer, seasoned in ski law, there is a higher chance of success.

Zaner Harden Law is Here to Help

Our Denver injury attorneys can help you determine if the cause of your accident allows you avenues for legal action. If you can collect money from the responsible party, it can help pay for expensive medical bills or other financial repercussions from your injuries following the accident. Our lawyers will use their expertise to fight for the settlement you deserve.

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