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5 Most Common Personal Injury Claims

Posted in Blog on March 17, 2021

Personal injuries occur more than you may realize. There are a few incidents that are more common than others. This can help you become aware of certain situations that you can avoid to prevent injury. Here are the five most common personal injury claims. Slip and Fall Accidents Despite their best intentions, many employers in… read more

Curious About Car Accidents? Here’s Where Most Take Place

Posted in Blog on February 20, 2021

Whenever you get behind the wheel of your vehicle and embark on a journey, it’s always a possibility you could be involved in an auto accident. Whether you are making a quick trip to the grocery store or are cruising down the highway to a vacation destination, it can take only a split-second for your… read more

Can fault be determined by car accident damage?

Posted in Blog on February 17, 2021

Lawyers and police officers analyze the damage to a vehicle after an accident as it plays a crucial role in proving fault. Since the damage is not enough to establish liability, investigators have to analyze the accident scene. When a car accident lawyer examines the damage to vehicles involved in an accident, it’s possible to… read more

Everything About Skull and Facial Fracture Compensation Claims

Posted in Blog on January 11, 2021

A skull fracture usually results from blunt force trauma. The skull fractures are commonly seen in patients that suffer from head trauma from an industrial accident or car crash. Such an injury cannot be classified as a minor. Although you will recover fast from a skull fracture that is not complicated within a month or… read more

5 Brain Injury Symptoms After a Car Accident

Posted in Blog on January 8, 2021

Head injuries are common injuries in most car accidents. These injuries differ in terms of severity and some of them can affect your life permanently. The problem is that you never know when you will get involved in an accident. Nonetheless, car accident victims may qualify for compensation if it is established that the driver… read more

What Should You Do About Back & Neck Pain After a Car Accident?

Posted in Blog on October 14, 2020

Car accidents can result in serious injuries, from broken bones and fractures to traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, and lacerations. Back and neck pain are also common after car accidents, but can be difficult to prove due to the nature of these injuries. If you suffer from back and neck pain, you may need… read more

What To Do If You’re In An Accident with a Rideshare Rental Car

Posted in Blog on September 14, 2020

Driving your car is a joy and a pleasure. It gets you from one point to another quickly and conveniently. When on the road, you are careful to adhere to the rules and regulations that should govern all drivers. You are alert and conscientious and do not take unnecessary risks. This is not the practice… read more

5 Things a Truck Accident Lawyer Can Do (That You Probably Can’t)

Posted in Blog on September 11, 2020

Statistics have shown that thousands of people incur injuries daily due to accidents involving tractor-trailers and semi-trucks. Some cities are major distribution hubs, and you will find a large number of trucks on the road at any given time. As a result, the chances of being involved in an accident are high, and there’s a… read more

Why You Should Not Wait to File a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

Posted in Blog on August 3, 2020

Waiting to File a Lawsuit for Clearwater, Denver Motorcycle Injuries is a Mistake In the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, a lot can happen. Unlike a car accident, motorcycle accidents tend to involve higher rates of fatality with significantly higher chances to suffer severe and permanent injury. Many of those involved in motorcycle accidents can find… read more

Car Accidents Involving Vehicles Not Owned by the Driver

Posted in Blog on August 3, 2020

What Happens if I Crash and it’s Not My Car? Motor-vehicles are often essential for many people that need them to commute to work, run errands, pick people up, etc. which can lead to situations where a vehicle may be lent to someone else that has need of it. This is not at all unusual… read more