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Tips for safe driving in the winter
Tips for safe driving in the winter
Tips for safe driving in the winter Free Consultation border
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Zaner Harden to represent former altar boy suing Colorado's only priest to serve prison time for sex assault and Archdiocese of Denver

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Tips for safe driving in the winter

Posted in Car Accident on January 27, 2023

Distracted driving is always dangerous, but in the winter, even the smallest distractions have the potential to be disastrous. Vehicles that are unprepared or unequipped for winter weather also pose a great risk, no matter how skilled the driver may be.  Below are some of the easiest ways to be a better driver during the… read more

What you need to know about taxes on personal injury settlements

Posted in Personal Injury on January 27, 2023

Good news – Most personal injury settlements are non-taxable at both state and federal levels. That makes a huge difference for injured people who racked up medical bills while being unable to work. However, most does not mean all. There are some exceptions to the non-taxable settlement rule, which we’ll explore below.  Injured and wondering… read more

Bike enthusiasts, make sure you follow these Colorado motorcycle laws

Posted in Motorcycle Accident on January 27, 2023

Riding a motorcycle is an otherworldly experience, especially in a state as beautiful as Colorado. If you’re going to get the most out of your ride, you’ll need to be aware of all Colorado motorcycle laws. Many of the same laws that apply to four-wheel vehicles apply to motorcycles, but some pertain specifically to bikes…. read more

Zaner Harden Files Civil Suit Against Archdiocese of Denver

Posted in In the News on January 19, 2023

Former altar boy sues Colorado’s only priest to serve prison time for sex assault and Denver Archdiocese Attorneys say church officials saw red flags with prior sexual misconduct allegations but exposed the priest to children, resulting in ‘foreseeable” assaults (DENVER, COLORADO) – Jan. 19, 2023 — Attorneys on Thursday filed a civil lawsuit against the… read more

What to do if you were in a hit-and-run on a motorcycle

Posted in Motorcycle Accident on December 7, 2022

Being hit on your bike is bad enough, but what if the driver simply leaves the scene? Don’t assume you’re out of options – your Denver motorcycle accident lawyer from Zaner Harden will work hard to recover maximum compensation on your behalf. To schedule your free consultation and learn more about how we may be… read more

Liability for slip-and-falls on ice and snow in Colorado

Posted in Slip and Fall on November 8, 2022

When living in Colorado, you will encounter a lot of snow and ice, so you need to be extremely careful when walking on a sidewalk, in a parking lot, or anywhere else. Property owners and managers have a responsibility to make their property as safe as possible, even when the elements are at their worst…. read more

Previous Accidents Could Affect Your Case

Posted in Car Accident on October 24, 2022

How a Previous Accident Could Affect Your Case Your auto accident history, even ones where you were at fault, shouldn’t penalize you if you’ve been injured in another accident, one that wasn’t your fault. However, the at-fault party’s insurance company will try to use all prior accidents and your driving history against you in an… read more

Attorney-Client Privilege: What’s Included, When it Begins, and More

Posted in Personal Injury on October 3, 2022

The attorney-client privilege is a bedrock of our country’s legal system designed to keep secret all communications between an attorney and their client that are meant to be confidential.  A Denver personal injury attorney with Zaner Harden Law will always keep anything you tell us completely confidential, unless you direct us otherwise. We’re committed to… read more

National Blood Cancer Awareness Month is Nearly Over. Here’s How to Keep the Momentum Going.

Posted in Blog on September 29, 2022

September is National Blood Cancer Awareness Month–it’s a reminder to think about the people who either are currently battling this disease or are in remission and to raise awareness of the ongoing efforts to defeat all forms of blood cancer. In Colorado, many people have developed blood cancer after being exposed to ethylene oxide (EtO),… read more

Holding a Gym Liable for Injuries: What Works and What Doesn’t

Posted in Premises Liability on September 19, 2022

We Coloradans take our health and exercise very seriously, which often includes exercising at a gym.  Gym injuries occur on a regular basis. According to the Insurance Information Institute, nearly 378,000 people were injured using exercise equipment in 2020. There’s definitely some risk involved with going to your local fitness center. People working out individually… read more


Your choice today could be your first step towards justice, closure, and peace. If you or someone you love has been a victim of sexual abuse or sexual assault, call the Colorado Priest & Clergy Sexual Abuse Lawyers at Zaner Harden Law for a free and confidential consultation at (720) 613-9706, or complete our online case evaluation form and we’ll reach out to you.