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Denver Dog Bite Attorney
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Denver Dog Bite Attorney

After a Dog Bite Injury, Seek Help From a Denver Attorney

At Zaner Harden Law, both founding partners own dogs and love their pets dearly. This is why they understand the responsibilities that come with dog ownership. One of these responsibilities is ensuring the dog doesn’t put others in danger. Owners who do not take this responsibility seriously face legal repercussions in the event the dog injures someone.

Dog Bite Laws in Colorado

The Colorado legislature passed the Dog Bite Law to protect people who have suffered what is considered a “serious bodily injury” from a dog. This law allows them to recover economic damages like medical bills or lost wages. Unfortunately, the Dog Bite Law limits recovery options for victims and is only applicable in particular situations.

Colorado’s Premises Liability Act provides another means of recovery; however, this law has several difficult hurdles of its own. Compared to the Dog Bite Law, this action requires a much higher level of proof of culpability. This generally means that the dog owner was (or should have been) aware that their dog was dangerous. Then, they failed to protect others. If the victim did not suffer a “serious” bodily injury, the Premises Liability Act may be the only means of recovery for the victim of a dog bite.

After a Dog Bite, Seek Representation from an Experienced Denver Accident Attorney

The interplay between the Dog Bite Law and the Premises Liability Act can confuse victims especially, but even some lawyers and judges. That’s why it’s crucial to secure representation from an experienced Colorado personal injury attorney who understands the laws thoroughly. A personal injury lawyer of this caliber will negotiate the laws to obtain a fair settlement.

The Right Personal Injury Attorney Will Successfully Guide You Down the Path to Recovery

Colorado law is clear – when you’ve suffered injuries from being attacked by a dog, you deserve to be made whole. Our skilled Denver personal injury attorneys will be your helpful guide and powerful advocate.

Call Zaner Harden Law for a free and confidential consultation at (303) 563-5354, or complete our Free Case Evaluation Form and we will contact you.