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Denver Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer
Denver Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer
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Denver Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer

Distracted Driving Accidents in Denver, CO

The number of people killed by those texting and driving is too high to ignore. Over 15,000 car crashes involved distracted drivers in Colorado. Of those, nearly 70 deaths (16% of total fatalities) occurred as a result. The data shows these numbers are increasing every year.

The partners at Zaner Harden Law are respected legal leaders, standing on the front lines of this issue. With their unique experience and national recognition in the field of distracted driving, the partners specialize in bringing high-value cases against distracted drivers. Further, cognizant of the danger as it continues to grow, the firm stays up to date on the science behind how distracted behavior affects one’s abilities to drive.

Our Lawyers at Zaner Harden Law Offices Can Help

In Colorado, it is illegal to text and drive. Unfortunately, the police have almost no power to enforce this law, which has led to very few arrests. Knowing that there isn’t much legal risk, most drivers don’t take the law seriously.

If a distracted driver caused you a personal injury, civil courts still have remedies for victims. These go above and beyond what the law generally allows. As a result, you may be able to pursue punitive damages to hold negligent drivers accountable. At Zaner Harden Law, we have a clear understanding of distracted driving and a front-line position on the issue. That makes us uniquely positioned to use Colorado law to help victims and the families of victims of distracted drivers.

The unfortunate reality is that victims can’t prove other drivers were distracted without powerful legal knowledge and resources. Therefore, it is critical to seek counsel from an experienced lawyer. With their extensive expertise, our personal injury attorneys at Zaner Harden Law will seek phone records, summon drivers with subpoenas, and vigorously cross-examine those involved. They will prove the other driver was distracted. The truth will significantly increase the amount of damages awarded in your case.

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