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Denver Dangerous Drug Lawyer
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Denver Dangerous Drug Lawyer

A Denver Bad Drug Lawyer Can Help You Get Justice

More than 4 million prescriptions are filled per year in the U.S. intending to treat various medical conditions in patients. Unfortunately, some individuals can suffer more harm than good from defective or dangerous medications.

Defective Drugs Cause Serious Harm

When large pharmaceutical companies produce and sell drugs to consumers, they should ensure the drugs are safe for their intended use. They are also required to provide adequate warnings to consumers regarding the possible serious side effects that may occur from taking the drug. When companies sell defective or dangerous drugs without sufficient warnings, individuals taking the drugs can suffer serious injuries that often require extensive medical attention and treatment. The following are some examples of dangerous or defective drugs that can lead to a lawsuit:

These are only a few examples of many defective drugs on the market that can cause serious side effects and injuries. If you have been injured from taking a pharmaceutical, please call for help today.

Holding Medical Professionals Liable For Pharmaceutical Malpractice

Drug companies are not the only ones who can be held responsible for adverse reactions to medications. When a medical professional prescribes a drug, you should be able to trust that the drug is safe given your medical history and any prescriptions you may already be taking. However, all too often, doctors make negligent errors when it comes to prescriptions and patients can suffer serious harm as a result. Pharmaceutical malpractice can involve the following and more:

  • Failing to consider drug allergies for a patient;
  • Failing to consider adverse drug reactions;
  • Writing a prescription for the wrong medication or dosage; and
  • Administering the wrong drug or wrong dosage to a patient in a doctor’s office or hospital.

Anyone injured because of a careless pharmaceutical error of a physician or healthcare professional deserves to be compensated for their losses.

Recovering For Defective Drug Injuries

If you have suffered injuries due to pharmaceutical malpractice because a prescription drug was defective, or due to inadequate warnings of risks, you are entitled to recover for a wide variety of losses, including medical expenses, physical pain, emotional suffering, lost income, and more. We believe that drug companies and doctors should always put the best interests of the patient first. Unfortunately, focus on profits often results in bad drugs remaining on the market for too long and we will fight to hold these dangerous companies and professionals accountable.

Our Denver Prescription Drug Attorneys Are Here To Help

The qualified attorneys at Zaner Harden Law in Denver consider our clients to be part of our family and we pride ourselves on providing personal attention and committed representation in every case. We provide you with the full range of resources our firm has to offer and will explore every option to help you obtain the most positive result possible in your case. Whether your case is large or small, you can expect the same dedication and support from our experienced team of lawyers.

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