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ZH in the media

16 million dollar electrocution verdict

Zaner Harden wins largest PLA Verdict in history of Colorado - 16 million.


traumatic accident

Zaner Harden Law sues General Motors Following Harrowing Crash


motorcycle accident verdict

Zaner Harden Law wins 2.5 million verdict against a hit and run drunk driver that killed a young man


bicycle accident verdict

Zaner Harden Law wins trial for byicyclist run over by dump truck and awarded the maximum amount allowed by the law.


16 million dollar story told

Zaner Harden's courageous client tells his story on record breaking case.


car accident victim

Zaner Harden Law featured on World News Tonight on behalf of defective vehicle victim.


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Our focus is simple – helping our clients win their case and get their life back on track

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Any good personal injury lawyer can tell you that some of the most important things you need on your side when pursuing a legal claim are relentless passion and trusted respect. Colorado Springs deserves to have lawyers who possess both the mental acumen and the passion and respect needed to represent clients to the best of their ability. Hundreds of positive reviews, awards, and other accolades have made us able to bring the fight to Colorado Springs, so that now we can help bring justice to even more people. 

To ensure that we have only the best of the best attorneys and support staff on our team, similar to our car accident lawyers in Denver, you can find us in every widely known and respected law publication available. Our attorneys have received every high ranking award and multiple special recognitions for their outstanding work over the years and are constantly invited to sit on panels and attend conferences to discuss various topics. This notable level achievement has paved the way for expansion to a brand new office located in Colorado Springs, where we can make a marked difference in the fight for justice.  

Personal Injury is a large and quite often complex form of law, which is why we find it paramount that all of our attorneys and support staff are suitable equipped to handle your case with all of the required skills necessary to win your case. Our attorneys and paralegals work diligently to review the intricacies of your case, researching and assembling facts to argue your case. We also prioritize communication, making sure that you are informed of the progress your case is making, which is one of the reasons why countless clients have been satisfied with our service. We are also a firm that above all cares about justice for you and your family. No one should be forced to suffer through a personal injury on their own. Our attorneys are all dedicated to making sure you receive the justice you deserve, so that you can rest assured that you are not in this fight alone.

“We understand that every case is different with a unique set of circumstances and a personal story behind it. We represent a limited number of clients to ensure that your story will be told.”


What our clients say

Being in a lawsuit is not something I took lightly and you believed in me.

I'm at a loss for words to tell you how much your treatment of me, my family and my case affected me. I felt so much support, compassion, brilliance in your decisions in how to move forward, referrals to excellent providers that finally found ways to assist my healing. Though this was tough in many ways, because of you this was an amazing experience!

200+ 5-star reviews

Marc and his team have been wonderful to work with.

They truly cared about me and my well being through the entire claim. They communicated with me as the process moved forward so I was always in the know. It can be a lengthy process dealing with insurance companies but they made the entire undertaking, that could have been a real burden, very seamless and much less of a headache.

20+ 5-star reviews

Best personal injury lawyer in Denver!

After all the pain and suffering I experienced from being t-boned by a drunk driver and dealing with the insurance companies, the Zaner Harden Law team provided the utmost quality and care in helping me to return to my daily life. The empathy they showed me put me at ease knowing Kurt Zaner and his team had my back.

40+ 5-star reviews

The team is outstanding to work with.

5 Stars is a no brainer when it comes to Zaner Harden Law. Marc and his team really go the extra mile to ensure your case is represented in every aspect of a long and arduous process. It was nice to know that all of those added stresses were taken care of by such a responsible and friendly team! Checks in the bank, Thanks Marc and the funky bunch!

30+ 5-star reviews

Zaner Harden Law is the Best.

Kurt, Monica, & the whole team involved with my family & I's case did an outstanding job beyond my expectations. This was my first time being involved in a suit, and I couldn't have asked for it to go any other way. The firm made sure we were taken care of, and in my opinion did their utmost best. I would recommend them 10 times over to anyone searching for a lawyer.

25+ 5-star reviews

Video Testimonials

"That impact shook a core system on me. It almost brings tears to my eyes to think about how bad it was... I didn't know where to turn. I want to thank Marc and Kurt for everything they did for me."

"We had so much to think about and so much to lose, and they never gave up...they fought for us...they fought for everything for us."

"Every day I try to instill in the people that I work with to do the best that you can; be honest, be straight, and work hard, good things will happen...that's the impression I got from Kurt and the team."

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We offer top-rate, personalized and focused representation to the people that entrust their lives to us. Every client has a very personal story that deserves to be heard. At ZHL, your story will be told.


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latest settlements & verdicts

$16 Million Verdict

For a client who was electrocuted and suffers from CRPS

$6 Million Settlement

For a client who suffered a brain injury in a motorcycle crash

$2.25 Million Settlement

For a client who suffered a knee and spine injury as a pedestrian


Breaking News & Current Cases


USA Today - A retired NFL Player, a bizarre shooting, and CTE. Zaner Harden advocates for the innocent victim in a civil suit.


2017: Firm recognized for securing 6th and 16th largest verdicts in all of Colorado across all practice areas.