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What to do After an Accident With a Truck
What to do After an Accident With a Truck
What to do After an Accident With a Truck Free Consultation border
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Car accident
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What to do After an Accident With a Truck

Posted in Truck Accident on November 1, 2015

what to do after a truck accident

Accidents involving big trucks are becoming a hot-button issue across the country for good reason. According to CNBC, trucking accidents now happen around 11 times each day on average throughout the U.S., killing close to 4,000 victims and injuring more than 100,000 people each year.

Colorado has certainly been affected by this alarming trend. The Denver Post, for example, recently reported that a tractor-trailer veered into the wrong lane on U.S. 40, causing an accident that killed two drivers and livestock.

If you’ve been the victim of a truck accident, you have rights and might be entitled to compensation under Colorado law, but what you do in the aftermath of the accident can impact your case. Take the following steps to ensure you receive what you deserve.

Get Medical Help

Delaying the treatment of an injury can prolong your recovery time and lead to complications, so it’s important that you receive medical attention as soon as possible. Don’t try to diagnose yourself, and don’t ignore or dismiss the “little” aches and pains you’re feeling as nothing. Some injuries, including whiplash and certain brain injuries, don’t show themselves right away. Be sure to tell your doctor anything you are feeling so he or she can make an accurate assessment of your condition.

Speak to Police

Give your side of the story to the police at the scene if possible. Make sure you get all of the truck driver’s information too, including his or her license number and the name, address and phone number of the trucking company he or she works for. Ask witnesses for their names and contact information.

If you’re unable to talk to the police because you’re injured, contact them as soon as you can so your version of the events makes its way into the official record. Obtain a copy of the report for yourself; the names and numbers of witnesses and the driver’s information should be included.

Gather All Evidence

Write down the accident as you remember it as soon as you can, before your memory starts to fade. Note details such as the weather and road conditions because these might become important later. Take photos of the accident scene, your injuries and anything else that is relevant to the incident.

Watch Your Conversations

Don’t speak to the insurance carriers involved beyond your insurer’s basic accident reporting requirements. The insurance companies involved are more interested in closing the case quickly than taking care of your needs, and they may use information about the accident that you give them against you. Refer any questions from insurers or other third parties to your legal representation.

Contact the truck accident attorneys at Zaner Harden Law by calling 303-563-5354 if you’ve been the victim of a trucking accident so we can help get you started on the path to financial recovery. Learn more at: www.zanerhardenlaw.com.

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