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Revolutionary Bicycle Helmet Design Could Increase Usage Rates
Revolutionary Bicycle Helmet Design Could Increase Usage Rates
Revolutionary Bicycle Helmet Design Could Increase Usage Rates Free Consultation border
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Revolutionary Bicycle Helmet Design Could Increase Usage Rates

Posted in Bicycle Accident,In the News on May 25, 2013

A pair of Swedish scientists has designed a revolutionary new bicycle helmet design that is generating plenty of attention among bicycling groups.  The helmet design aims to target some of the key reasons that bicyclists give for not wearing helmets – lack of comfort, and the fact that it messes up your hair.  The “invisible” bicycle helmet is basically nothing but an inflatable collar that inflates to protect your entire head and neck upon impact.

Not surprisingly, the 2 engineers who designed the helmet are women.  According to them, bicycle helmet usage rates are exceedingly low among women, because no woman wants to go out with a cumbersome-looking helmet stuck on her head.  Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin found low rates of bicycle helmet usage among Swedish bicyclists, and came up with a solution.

Their bicycle helmet design consists of a fabric collar that is wrapped around the head and neck, and equipped with sensors.  If the sensors detect a potential impact, then the helmet immediately inflates within .1 seconds, just like an airbag does.  It covers the bicyclist’s head, and is strong enough to protect the head from multiple impacts.

This doesn’t seem to be an impractical design that will ultimately never find its way into mass usage.  The engineers say that they spent several years reviewing all kinds of bicycle accidents in order to come up with the design, and have tested their helmet for multiple impact and resistance.  They found that the helmets performed very well in all these tests.

This helmet is meant for one-time use only, and has been available in Europe for almost a year now.  The engineers say they don’t know when they will prepare for a North America launch, but demand in Europe is extremely brisk. Learn more at: www.zanerhardenlaw.com.


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