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Red Light Cameras May Soon Be Coming to Colorado
Red Light Cameras May Soon Be Coming to Colorado
Red Light Cameras May Soon Be Coming to Colorado Free Consultation border
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Car accident
Car accident

Red Light Cameras May Soon Be Coming to Colorado

Posted in Car Accident on May 25, 2013

If a national organization that promotes the use of red light camera systems in order to reduce the risk of red light violations has its way, intersections in Colorado could soon have a number of these camera systems in place.


The Traffic Safety Coalition is launching an education campaign in the state of Colorado, and is allying with several local Colorado groups including The Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado and Bike Denver, to promote awareness about red light right camera systems and their benefits in preventing accidents.


Red light camera systems are present in intersections in many states, and although they are controversial, there is little doubt that these camera systems are effective in reducing the risk of violations. 


The kind of accidents are caused by red light violations can be devastating.  For instance, when a motorist runs a red light, he is at severe risk of causing a “T-bone” accident or “broad siding” accident, in which his car crashes into the side of another car. 


These are side-impact accidents that cause devastating injuries and multiple fatalities, because passengers typically have minimal protection in such accidents. Obeying red lights are the most basic traffic safety laws, but these are also the most commonly violated ones. 


Thousands of people are injured or killed every year in accidents that can be linked directly to motorists running red lights. However, having these camera systems installed in the state of Colorado is not going to be simple.  Opponents to red light camera systems exist in many states, and Colorado is not likely to be an exception. 


Critics take special issue with the fact that in some states, red light camera systems have increased revenue generation for local officials.  The issue in many states has become politicized, and hopefully, this will not happen in Colorado.  


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