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Slips & Falls: What You Should Consider Before Letting it Go 

Posted in Blog on February 10, 2020

Taking a spill while you’re out and about can be scary, and sometimes, even a bit embarrassing. It’s not rare for someone to want to forget the incident happened all together, and to simply move on with their day. However, ignoring that a fall happened can cause a number of key issues. These can include… read more

The 3 Things You Should Do Immediately After a Workplace Injury

Posted in Blog on February 10, 2020

Whether it’s a slip while walking through the office, or a gash on your hand while opening boxes, workplace injuries can happen when you least expect them. While the severity of these injuries can certainly vary, what doesn’t change is the importance of understanding exactly what should be done after any of these incidents occur—… read more

Bad Faith Insurance Practices: What You Need to Know

Posted in Blog on December 17, 2019

Bad faith insurance is a term that is used to describe an insurance company’s unfair behavior. Bad faith behavior manifests in many different areas but is broadly referenced when a claim denial happens. It is also referenced when an insurance company provides insufficient payment on a claim that should be considered payable by the company…. read more

Popular Electric Scooters Increase Cities’ Access as well as Accident-Related Injuries

Posted in Blog on December 17, 2019

Electric scooters have become all the rage in major cities across the country to combat high traffic rates and help ease carbon emissions. Whether people are purchasing them individually, or participating in scooter-share services, riders are getting into accidents more and more frequently. According to the Associated Press, roughly 11 electric scooter deaths have occurred… read more

Tips for Driving in Winter Weather

Posted in Blog on December 16, 2019

As the season’s change, so too does the way we drive. While distracted driving can always be dangerous, in the winter, even the smallest distractions have the potential to be disastrous. Vehicles that are unprepared or unequipped for winter weather also pose a great risk, no matter how skilled the driver may be. Below are… read more

5 Myths About Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Posted in Blog on December 16, 2019

One of the most popular fields of law today is that of Personal Injury law. But while it may be a growing industry, there are a lot of things most people don’t know about Personal Injury law, especially when they are the ones filing a claim. There are several misconceptions about what happens when a… read more

What is Medical Payments Coverage?

Posted in Blog on September 20, 2019

Medical Payments Coverage also is known as “medpay” is an insurance benefit offered in Colorado to help pay for medical treatment as a result of a motor vehicle collision.  This treatment might include, but is not limited to, ambulance, emergency room treatment, radiology, surgery, hospital stays, follow-up appointments, physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, and prescriptions.   The… read more

How Medical Professionals Can Avoid Birth Injuries

Posted in Blog on August 31, 2019

Birth injuries are serious, sometimes fatal injuries that can have lifelong effects. During or after the birth process, traumas caused by mechanical force, birth asphyxia, and infections can result in permanent disabilities and illnesses. However, birth injuries, though extremely serious, are mostly preventable.  Birth injuries and their lasting complications can be avoided if the health… read more

How to Prevent Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries: What You Need to Know

Posted in Blog on August 31, 2019

Brain and spinal cord injuries can be some of the most severe traumas that a person can experience. In the worst cases, some brain and spinal cord injuries, especially those to the cervical spine, have resulted in paralysis and death.  Injuries to these sensitive areas typically occur most frequently as a result of car accidents… read more

How to Prevent Distracted Driving

Posted in Blog on July 31, 2019

Almost everybody is liable for some distracted driving at some point in their lives. Preoccupied drivers are everywhere you look now that socializing and entertaining via your cell phone is more accessible than ever. To prevent accidents and save lives, here are some tips to help you avoid driving distractedly.  While you’re driving, utilize your… read more