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Investing in Employee Training Helps Reduce Accident Risks
Investing in Employee Training Helps Reduce Accident Risks
Investing in Employee Training Helps Reduce Accident Risks Free Consultation border
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Investing in Employee Training Helps Reduce Accident Risks

Posted in Blog on May 25, 2013

A responsible employer doesn’t only make sure that his employee has access to work and job safety-related training, but also invests in educating employees about the need to stay safe when they’re driving.

If you’re an employer, you can be held liable for an accident caused by your employee when he’s driving a company-issued car or when he’s traveling on official work.  For this reason, many employers are now looking at developing traffic safety programs in the workplace, that encourage employees to give up unsafe practices like speeding, or using cell phones while driving.  Such training is also very important, when your company owns a fleet of commercial motor vehicles.

According to experts, employers can set the tone right at the recruitment stage, by refusing to hire employees who have a bad traffic safety record, and by investing in driver training for new employees.

Implement a driving safety program in the workplace.  The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety recommends that employers initiate a Drive Safely to Work Week, every year, that is dedicated to traffic safety Issues.  The lessons that are learned during this week can also be relearned and reestablished thorough the rest of the year.

When an employee has far too many traffic violations on his record, look for root causes.  Stress in the workplace, or stress over losing one’s job can lead to inattentive or distracted driving.

When a commercial truck driver has been involved in even a minor incident, do not disregard these violations.  Follow-up the violation with a complete investigation, and make sure that training is imparted to prevent such mistakes from occurring again.  Traffic safety should become a major aspect of corporate culture.