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Boulder agrees to pay $152,000 to man injured in crash with city vehicle
Boulder agrees to pay $152,000 to man injured in crash with city vehicle
Boulder agrees to pay $152,000 to man injured in crash with city vehicle Free Consultation border
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Boulder agrees to pay $152,000 to man injured in crash with city vehicle

Posted in Car Accident,In the News on February 26, 2018

Earlier in February, it was reported by Boulder’s Daily Camera that Boulder’s city council unanimously voted to approve a $152,000 settlement to a resident of Boulder who was injured in a crash in 2016 with a vehicle being operated by an employee of the city of Boulder, a utility worker.

The injured party, Maxwell Brandel, sued the city of Boulder, seeking “compensation for bodily injury and emotional distress damages” that came from the car accident with the city utility worker. According to a memo released by city staff prior to the city council vote, “Given the projected costs of litigation, the city attorney believes that it is unlikely that the city will be in a significantly better economic position by litigating the case as compared to accepting this settlement offer,” resulting in the injured party receiving compensation for damages resulting in $152,000.

This case is just further indication of how important it is to seek the help of a lawyer if you or a loved one is injured in a car accident, whatever the cause, whatever the circumstances. Lawyers are trained and educated in federal, state, and local legal knowledge that the regular person typically isn’t familiar with. If you are injured in an accident and decide to embark on the settlement process unassisted by a lawyer, you may be entitled to compensation you aren’t aware of without the help of a lawyer. Lawyers are also highly experienced in working and negotiating with car insurance companies, which can be tricky to deal with. In the above case reported by the Daily Camera, if Brandell hadn’t sought the expertise of a lawyer, he would have had to do all of the previously mentioned work on his own, and also deal with the city, which can be an incredibly frustrating and time-consuming process for someone who is inexperienced in working with city agencies.  Luckily, he took on the expertise of a legal professional and was awarded due compensation for his pain and suffering.

Equipping yourself with a trusted legal professional can only help you in the settlement process if you find yourself injured in a car accident. Starting the legal journey after the accident is best as soon as possible, so don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer in a timely fashion if you are injured in a car accident to increase your chances of reaching a settlement that is best for you. Your time, pain, suffering, and money are all at stake.

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