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5 of the Most Common Personal Injury Lawsuits
5 of the Most Common Personal Injury Lawsuits
5 of the Most Common Personal Injury Lawsuits Free Consultation border
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5 of the Most Common Personal Injury Lawsuits

Posted in Personal Injury on February 24, 2020

most common personal injury claims

When it comes to the law, there are a number of different kinds of disputes, or legal cases, that cover a multitude of issues that people may face every day. These can happen throughout their personal lives, across their business lives, and everything in between.

While it’s likely that you’ve heard of personal injury suits in the past, or have even seen advertisements for lawyers that specialize in this area of the law, what qualifies as a personal injury case may not be 100% clear. 

What is a Personal Injury Lawsuit? 

A Personal Injury Lawsuit is a dispute, filed legally, after a person has suffered some kind of harm or injury. These types of cases exist because the injured party typically feels that another party is legally responsible for the results of what happened. This can mean that they feel another party should be paying their medical bills, paying for their missed time off work, should be financially responsible for any future concessions that now need to be made due to the injury, etc. 

While there are a number of different kinds of personal injury cases, there are a few that tend to stand out as some of the most common disputes filed. 

  • Motorvehicle Accidents 

Major car crashes, fender benders, injuries resulting from uninsured or under-insured drivers, and other cases where an accident and/or injury resulted from a responsible party, fall under one of the top reasons for filing a personal injury lawsuit. Often, car crashes can result in injuries that last for long amounts of time, totaled cars (and a lack of additional transportation or the need to find a more expensive alternative), as well as temporary financial losses due to missed work or repair bills. 

  • Wrongful Death

Wrongful death suits are typically filed when someone involved dies and another party is presumed to be liable. It’s not rare for these types of lawsuits to be based on negligence, and can include issues that happen when someone is in the hospital, if someone dies from hazards that should be rectified from other parties (think unsafe roadways), or even faulty products or vehicles. 

  • Medical Malpractice

When it comes to Medical Malpractice suits, legal disputes are often filed when a doctor, or hospital, is thought to be a reason that a patient in their care has died. This can often mean that a patient was released from the hospital too soon, that a doctor is presumed to have made a decision resulting in the loss of life, or that a chance was taken that would otherwise be considered dangerous and/or irresponsible. 

  • Workplace Accident

Injuries that occur while someone is on the clock (or performing work related activities) typically qualify as workplace accidents, and often involve Worker’s Compensation issues or disputes. These types of injuries could have resulted from a lack of proper equipment, from employees being overworked or understaffed, or even from utilizing items required for work that haven’t been properly inspected or tested. 

Falls, reactions to chemicals or substances being used, or OSHA laws that are being ignored can all be additional catalysts that result in the need to take time off, hospitalization, or even take away a person’s ability to work again. 

  • Dog Bites 

Getting bit by a dog can be scary, painful, and worse, can result in the need to miss work or otherwise reduce a person’s pay due to injury. Especially when these cases are caused by an owner that’s left their dog off of a leash, put other people in a dangerous situation with their animal, or that was otherwise negligible, the hurt party can often obtain financial compensation for their injuries— including time off work, pain and suffering, ongoing health issues that resulted, etc. 

Regardless of the type of personal injury case, it’s extremely important to consult with a lawyer immediately. Not only can this help the injured party to properly navigate the legal system, it can also help to clarify expectations, to understand options, and to give a roadmap of what’s to come as your case goes to court. 

While the first instinct may be to handle these types of cases on your own, understand that by doing so, you risk missing out on additional compensation, including financial assistance with physical pain, emotional pain, the loss of income that has occurred (or will occur), and much more. 

In short, should you find yourself in a situation where you may need a personal injury lawyer, remember to connect with a lawyer that specializes in the area, and that can walk you through everything that’s needed— to help you through your case now, as well as in the future.

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