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5 Myths About Filing a Personal Injury Claim
5 Myths About Filing a Personal Injury Claim
5 Myths About Filing a Personal Injury Claim Free Consultation border
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5 Myths About Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Posted in Personal Injury on December 16, 2019

One of the most popular fields of law today is that of Personal Injury law. But while it may be a growing industry, there are a lot of things most people don’t know about Personal Injury law, especially when they are the ones filing a claim. There are several misconceptions about what happens when a person files a personal claim lawsuit. Issues about cost and figuring out who is responsible for your injury can seem daunting enough to persuade many people away from filing a claim. Getting past common misconceptions is a key part of understanding how a legal case can go for you. Below are five of the most common misconceptions people have about filing a personal injury claim.

The Cost

It is easy to assume that making a Personal Injury claim is not worth it in the end due to the large price that comes with making any legal claim. Most personal injury cases, however, are contingency based, meaning with contingency retainer agreements, your legal fees are taken out of your settlement agreement. Researching different firms is key to making sure you are adequately represented while not having to worry about an unreasonable bill.

Too Many Parties Involved

While the number of defendants varies from case to case, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed at how many people are involved in your case. A good lawyer knows how to pursue an investigation to determine who was involved and who should be held responsible for your injury. Ultimately, it is always your decision as to what you feel comfortable pursuing. Any quality Personal Injury plaintiff attorney knows that getting the justice you are entitled to should be in line with the plaintiff’s comfort.

They Take Years to Settle

Obviously, it is true that there are several types of Personal Injury cases that take a long time to settle, but it’s also true that no two legal cases are alike. There are numerous factors that go into deciding how long cases go on for. Personal Injury cases can certainly go on for a few years, but if you were injured in some way, it is your right to pursue justice in any way you can.

The Injury Wasn’t Severe Enough

Another popular misconception people have about filing a Personal Injury claim is that their injury wasn’t serious enough to retain a Personal Injury lawyer. The most important thing to do in this case is to talk to a lawyer anyway. A Personal Injury specialist will be able to tell you whether or not your claim has any potential for an award. This is why putting the time into researching a good lawyer is so important.

Filing a Claim Means a Guaranteed Win

The last major misconception people have about filing a Personal Injury claim is that they’re assured a monetary award. Not only does financial compensation depend on the case itself, if you win, your legal fees will be taken out of your settlement. Planning your future in the hope of a large financial gain can lead to unnecessary tensions with your attorney. Having realistic expectations is key.


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