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5 Most Common Personal Injury Claims
5 Most Common Personal Injury Claims
5 Most Common Personal Injury Claims Free Consultation border
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5 Most Common Personal Injury Claims

Posted in Car Accident,Defective Product,Medical Malpractice,Personal Injury,Slip and Fall on March 17, 2021

Personal injuries occur more than you may realize. There are a few incidents that are more common than others. This can help you become aware of certain situations that you can avoid to prevent injury. Here are the five most common personal injury claims.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Despite their best intentions, many employers in Denver still struggle to keep the workplace safe for their employees. Whether it’s through negligence or just an accident, slip and fall claims are common. They can occur in practically any industry. Oil at a manufacturing facility may be to blame for one injury while water that was just used to clean the floor in a retail setting may be the problem for that case.

It isn’t just employees that are affected either. Slip and fall accidents can occur to customers and clients as well. This can provide grave circumstances for employers and business owners.

Slip and fall accidents can also occur in parking lots. It can be difficult to know where the fault rests when it takes place in an area like a parking lot. Using experienced lawyers can help you win your case.

Car Accidents

Perhaps the most common personal injury claim in Colorado is through car accidents. With more and more people driving on the roads, there are more chances of finding yourself in an accident. Cars may suddenly break down and find themselves causing a chain reaction. Semi-trucks may jackknife on the highway and cause serious injuries.

Even something like road rage can lead to a car accident. Someone who suddenly grows angry may decide to drive recklessly against the one their rage is focused on. It may not just impact the victim, but it may also impact those around the two drivers as well.

Reckless driving is another serious cause of car accidents. Drivers who feel the need to go faster on the highways or even neighborhood streets can be a menace. It can lead to a serious accident on the highway where top speeds can easily reach 100mph.

Neighborhoods can often find that such accidents lead to death if a child is struck while playing on the road.

Reckless driving during the winter can also lead to personal injury claims. When someone drives too fast on slippery roads, then everyone in their vicinity may find themselves in an accident.

Finally, those who choose to drive inebriated or under the influence can also lead to personal injury claims. That individual will also have a slew of other charges held against them.

Medical Malpractice

Another common personal injury claim is medical malpractice. This occurs when a doctor, nurse, or some other medical practitioner is negligent in their care. There are several ways this can occur.

A doctor may be under the influence when they’re performing surgery or treating a patient. Whether they’re aware of their state or not, the doctor should not be administering medical advice or performing operations when under the influence. It can impact their decision-making which can lead to the patient’s discomfort instead of betterment. It can also cause them to make mistakes during an operation. Those mistakes could completely change the lifestyle of the patient.

Sometimes the doctor may be too tired. If they have to work long hours, they may not be in the right state to operate on patients or give them medical aid. Being exhausted is similar to being inebriated. They may make crucial mistakes that can jeopardize the health of the patient.

Finally, some doctors or patients may have religious or racial influences that cause them to neglect their patients. Whether they do so deliberately or not, they may not give the patient the same quality of care as they do their other patients.


An unfortunate common personal injury claim is assault. This occurs when a person physically harms another. This is usually done with intention. Violence continues to rise in the country. Unfortunately, as does gun violence. Both physical and gun assaults are common personal injury claims.

Physical assault can range anywhere from punching someone to stabbing them. It can cover something as banal as a bar fight to something more serious like an attempted homicide or domestic abuse. This kind of personal injury claim is often associated with other criminal charges.

Gun violence also counts as assault. It may be because someone shot another person. Or it may be something as small as a scrape or graze that’s performed by the bullet. Even using the gun to hit the person physically can result in a personal injury claim.

It’s not often that a personal injury claim based on assault is due to negligence. In those rare cases, negligence may be added to the charge if someone was aware of the assault happening and did nothing to prevent it. For example, an employer may be charged with negligence if they don’t put an end to physical bullying among their employees.

Product Liability

You expect a product that you bought to work as advertised. When it doesn’t, and when it causes you an injury instead, you can take out a personal injury claim. While several manufacturers work hard to ensure their products are safe, they’re unable to check each and every product that leaves their warehouse. As a result, it’s always possible to receive a defective product.

It’s why there are often recalls on dog food or cars. Someone received an injury using the product.

You can file a personal injury claim against the manufacturer of the product or the distributor, depending on the conditions of the injury and the injury, itself.

Get the Justice You Deserve

Filing a personal injury claim isn’t easy. It also often means you’re up against top lawyers hired to protect their clients from such claims. You need an experienced personal injury lawyer to back you up and help you get the justice that you deserve. Give our team a call when you experience a personal injury. We’ll work hard to keep your rights protected and your claim justified.


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