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Denver Bicycle Accident Attorney
Denver Bicycle Accident Attorney
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Denver Bicycle Accident Attorney

Denver Bicycle Accident Representation

Cycling is a healthy and enjoyable way to experience Denver, Colorado. The surrounding suburbs have a sophisticated networks of urban bike paths. Many people celebrate our state of Colorado for its beautiful and expansive bike trails.

With such a burgeoning bike culture, Denver is also home to a growing number of bike accidents. If a collision with a vehicle or another cyclist caused you injury, a Denver personal injury lawyer can help you.

Bicycles and Cars Are Subject to the Same Colorado Laws – Know Your Rights

Unbeknownst to many cyclists and motorists, the law sees bicycles as “vehicles” on the roads of Colorado. Therefore, a cyclist has the same rights and obligations as any other driver on the road. Both cyclists and motorists are obliged to obey traffic laws and are subject to tickets for driving offenses.

Did you know Colorado motorists are legally required to give a cyclist at least three feet of distance when passing?

To make sure officials never see you at fault for poor cycling behavior, in the event of an accident, follow all posted traffic signs and guidelines defined by Colorado law. This includes stopping at intersections, riding with the flow of traffic, and obeying street lights. Additionally, lawful cyclists must use lights when riding between sunset and sunrise and have reflectors on the front, left, right, and rear of the bicycle.

Guidance from a Denver Personal Injury Lawyer

The nuances surrounding bicycle accidents and the rights of cyclists are complicated. If you, your child, or another loved one experienced an injured in a bicycle accident in Colorado, speak with an experienced accident attorney. They know how to navigate your case. Most importantly, reach out before you talk to your insurance adjuster.

Be sure of one thing – the insurance company is not your friend.

Bicycle accidents often involve head and neck injuries, which can take months or even years to heal. They may even require long-term rehabilitative care. Under these conditions, you may not even be in the right state of mind to handle these matters. The insurance company will usually try to take advantage of this situation and close your case as soon as possible. Often, this is before you’ve had the chance to determine the full extent of your injuries, costs, and damages.

An attorney at Zaner Harden Law can protect your rights and fight for your full and fair benefits.

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