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Free Personal Injury E-Book
Free Personal Injury E-Book
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Zaner Harden to represent former altar boy suing Colorado's only priest to serve prison time for sex assault and Archdiocese of Denver

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Free Personal Injury E-Book

Personal Injury Cases: From Start to Finish [E-Book]

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If you’ve been injured, you’ve probably asked yourself many questions. How will I pay for all of these medical bills? Must I continue to work even though my injury causes severe pain? Is there is any hope for getting back to a pre-injury state?

The good news for people like you is that Federal and state laws allow injured persons to recover many of the costs associated with injury – including wage loss, medical bills, and damaged property. The law assigns specific ‘duties’ to citizens and when those duties are not fulfilled, due to negligence, there are legal consequences.

Here at Zaner Harden Law, we are dedicated to helping injured folks get their life back. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive guide to assist you on your journey to recovery.

A Guide For Injured People

Personal injury law can be complex and scary. That’s why we’ve written this guide so that the average person can understand it. We go over the basic process and the kinds of rights and responsibilities you have.

Here is what you’ll learn from our guide:

  • Why filing a personal injury claim doesn’t mean you are contributing to an ‘over-litigious society’
  • The basic law regarding negligence and injuries and whether you have a case
  • The general timeline of an injury case
  • What to expect at your initial consultation
  • Answers to common questions and concerns

Don’t wait any longer. Download the guide now.

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