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Determining Fault for Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Posted in Blog on July 26, 2016

In December of 2014, Fox 31 Denver, reported on an astonishing 104 car pileup that occurred in the snowy conditions of Interstate-25. In all, occupants of 20 different vehicles required hospitalization, and tragically, one victim was killed. While an accident of that immense size is extremely rare, it is not uncommon for multiple vehicles to… read more

The Dangers of Running Red Lights

Posted in Blog on July 20, 2016

One of the less fortunate realities of Denver is that we have one of the highest rates of fatalities that are attributed to someone running a red light. Why Do Drivers Run Red Lights? Drivers run red lights for all kinds of reasons. Some of the most commonly cited reasons that drivers run red lights:… read more

How Improper Tire Maintenance Can Lead to Car Crashes

Posted in Blog on July 14, 2016

You should always take proper care of your tires. After all, your tires are the only contact point your automobile has with the road. Improper tire maintenance can lead to very serious accidents. In fact, a study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that tire issues were a factor in nearly nine… read more

What You Need To Know About Drowsy Driving

Posted in Blog on July 10, 2016

One of the most dangerous hazards on the road in Denver is drowsy or overtired drivers. Sleepiness behind the wheel can affect any driver, including drivers who have smaller vehicles, large trucks or even semi tractor trailers. When drivers fall asleep at the wheel, they can cause serious personal injury and property damage to any… read more

Compensation for Tailgating-Related Crashes in Denver

Posted in Blog on July 6, 2016

Tailgating accidents happen each and every day on the roads of Denver. Drivers are in a hurry and drive too closely behind another vehicle. When the car in front has to hit the brakes suddenly, a driver behind that is following too closely has an inadequate amount of time to slow or stop as well…. read more

What Does It Mean to Drive According to Road and Weather Condition?

Posted in Blog on July 1, 2016

Poor weather often creates dangerous road conditions. In fact, a study from the Department of Transportation’s Road Management Program found that 22 percent of all car accidents occurred during bad weather. When bad weather hits, all drivers must make proper adjustments. Many people incorrectly believe that bad weather will absolve a driver from accident liability…. read more

Dealing With Animal-Related Auto Accidents in Denver

Posted in Blog on June 27, 2016

Hitting an animal with your vehicle, even a wild animal, can be emotionally devastating. It could also destroy your vehicle and, even worse, cause a serious injury to you or a family member. If you have been involved in an animal-related accident in the Denver area, you need to speak to an Colorado auto accident… read more

How to Prove Medical Errors in Denver

Posted in Blog on June 14, 2016

A recent study published by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine estimates that around 250,000 people died as a result of an error made by a medical professional. Medical errors can be difficult to identify and many people may not even realize that their doctor made a mistake. However, these errors can have devastating… read more

Uber Accidents and Liability in Denver

Posted in Blog on June 9, 2016

Uber is already a widely-used online ride service that quickly and conveniently connects riders and drivers in Denver and throughout the U.S. Now, Uber has expanded its services in Denver with a carpooling option, commonly known as UberPOOL. This service allows riders to choose to share a ride with other people in nearby locations for… read more

What Kinds of Safety Testing Are Businesses Required to Do Before Selling a Product?

Posted in Blog on June 6, 2016

When consumers buy and use a product, they assume that the product that have been to them sold is safe. However, there are stories in the news all the time about products that are endangering lives, harming consumers, or exposing people to dangerous hazards or toxins. Weren’t these products tested? Weren’t they subjected to a… read more